Earl Grey Tea: A Short History & Alternative Theories

Earl Grey Tea: A Short History & Alternative Theories

Earl Grey is probably one of the most popular blends among tea lovers. It is basically a black tea flavored with bergamot oil which gives it a citrusy kick. The history of Earl Grey is what makes this tea even more interesting. In fact, there are many alternative stories and theories about this tea. 

Since there is no trademark on Earl Grey, there are many variations of this tea available, including a version which has white tea. However, one ingredient (bergamot oil) remains the same and so does the mystery this tea carries. 

Let us tell you from where it all started…

Charles Grey and Earl Grey

The most popular theory of Earl Grey tea ties it to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom(1830-1831), Charles Grey. After ending the East India Company's monopoly on trade between Britain and China, it is asserted that Charles Grey most likely received a tea bearing his name as a gift from China. 

However, many people believe that Charles Grey named a tea he brought from China with his name. 

Before we jump onto the alternative theories of Earl Grey tea do let us know what do you think about this most popular opinion?

Alternative Theories on Earl Grey Tea

One of our favorite alternative theories is that the tea leaves and bergamot flavor accidently got infused while they were being shipped through the same ship to Britain. 

Another goes that a Chinese man came up with the earl's recipe after Grey's men saved him from drowning. Because of the fact that Earl Grey never traveled to China during his lifetime, this story has been hotly contested. 

Whatever the truth is, we assure you having a cup of Earl Grey is worth it. If you appreciate the hint of citrus in your drinks this tea is for you. Why not start with Camellia Twigs Earl Grey tea, if you’re unsure we can send you a trial pack just at ₹99 to your doorstep. Send us an email to teacozy@camelliatwigs.in to place the order or reach out to us on our Instagram handle. 

Finally, do let us know which of these theories of Earl Grey got your vote. Our comment box is waiting for you. 

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