Camellia Twigs Quality CTC Tea | Kadak Doodh wali chai | 250 gm | 100 cups

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Premium Single Estate (Halmari) Assam CTC (Granular Leaf) yielding golden bright, full bodied cup. Add milk to get a rich creamy texture and brisk tea. A perfect golden cup with unmatched briskness. 

  • Bold & strong cup with milk
  • Finest Tea with a bold body & after taste
  • Lasting after taste & flavour
  • Sucks out Lassitude

Health Benefits

With the richness of Vitamin C and goodness of flavonoids as well as antioxidants, our natural Camellia's CTC Black Tea leaves will boost your immune system like never before. Antioxidants will fight free radicals alongside meeting your body’s energy demands.

Way to Prepare

Every tea variety differs in taste, aroma, and flavor. It is inevitable that their modes of preparation will also differ from each other. Making a cup of our Camellia's CTC Black Tea will be an easy job if you follow these steps:

  • Pour water into a bowl and let it boil
  • Add a teaspoonful of our aromatic Camellia's CTC Black Tea leaves in boiling water, and put the lid on the bowl. Lower the flame/heat to sim or even switch off the heat
  • Let it steep to your desired strength (typically 4~5 minutes) and let the leaves steep in for that many minutes.
  • Pour the solution for a healthy and soothing cuppa!
  • Add sugar & milk to taste (if you prefer)
  • You may add a tinge of our "Tea Spices" to bring a rich invigorating flavour

 Storage tips

Store our Camellia's CTC Black Tea containers in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.


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